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Offriamo soluzioni di prima classe in tutta la Svizzera e nei Paesi limitrofi, fornendo alle aziende gli strumenti necessari per risparmiare energia e rendere i loro edifici veramente intelligenti.

Questi marchi lungimiranti hanno collaborato con la nostra rete di partner nel loro viaggio verso un ambiente privo di emissioni di carbonio.

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Lavoriamo in un'ampia gamma di settori

Il nostro compito è rendere l'energia della vostra azienda visibile, controllabile e facile da gestire.

Who we are

We are are a passionate provider of cost-effective energy reviewing, monitoring and technology services. We are all about showing you how to minimize your energy problems by maximizing the use of energy reduction technologies and power of Big Data, AI and IoT.

In short, we help our clients achieve the optimum process’ to make their building portfolios energy efficient.

Why you might need us:


Increasing Reduction Targets

You’re under increasing pressure to hit top-down energy reduction targets.


Inefficient Building Maintenance

You need to get control of inefficient building maintenance schedules.


Poor Data Visibility

You have limited energy data and what you have is difficult to analyze.

Energy Monitoring & Saving With 7-Eleven

Our leading product – the Eniscope energy management system – is at the core of a nationwide project of energy monitoring and reduction for global convenience store giants 7-Eleven in Denmark, Europe.

This project is being managed by fellow Eniscope enthusiasts and energy consultancy – IQ Energy Nordic. The project covers more than 120 stores across Denmark and provides an excellent example of the capability of our technologies to handle large roll-outs and multi-site project requirements.

7-Eleven are well placed to benefit from the variety of impacts the Eniscope and supporting consultancy provides:

  • 2,700,000 kWh Saved

  • 864 Tonnes CO2 Saved

  • 11.52% Average Savings Via Low-Cost / No-Cost Solutions

  • CSR Reporting System

  • Substantial PR Benefits

The project has been so successful that Eniscope has been recommended internally to the other countries in the region. Proof of Concepts (PoC) are underway in Norway and Sweden at the time of writing.

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Energy Monitoring

Knowledge is power.

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Energy Management

Bottom line impact

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We provide world-class solutions to give business’ the tools they need to become energy efficient. We combine cutting-edge software & hardware to give you one of the most effective energy management and monitoring systems available today.

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